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Hako-Maro is a Nekomata. She was Idora's pet cat when he was little.


She is a petite girl with short white hair, sporting two white cat ears on her head. She also wears a bell with a pink bow.



During her time when she was alive: She was a pet of Idora. Idora thought Hako-Maro was a boy due to the masculine name given to her by his parents. ("Hako" means "box" and "-maro" can be a suffix for young men, or for pets. So her name can be interpreted as "Box-kitty" or "Box Boy."

After her death: She came back to life in form of a "spirit" just to tell Idora she's a girl. Idora immediately hugged her for he missed her and they lived together again.




Idora is the owner of Hako-Maro. She came back to "life" after her death just to clarify that she is in fact a girl all along. They have been living together again since then.


Initially, she views Kuro as a foolish and unintelligent dog but she later accepts Kuro and treats her as a reliable friend after their talk.


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