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Kuro (クロ, Kuro) is one of the main characters of Today's Cerberus manga series. She is one of the three heads of Cerberus and she has the self proclaimed duty to protect Chiaki.


Kuro appears to be an average sized teenage looking girl. Her long hair is usually tied in twin-tails and wears red headphones and also wears a school girl uniform with a chained collar on her neck. Kuro has blue hair that is put in a set of pigtails. Kuro also has a very childish face.

When inducted at Chiaki's school she wears the school uniform with a skirt, v-neck sweater, a shirt with a few buttons open with a tie loosely around her neck and a cardigan


Kuro is a very joyful and childish girl. She seems to have little to no worries about life and its hardships and gives off a very childish air. Kuro also seems to very dedicated to Chiaki as she follows him were ever he goes and will do almost anything to keep him happy.

She is also quite vulnerable and confused over emotions she is not used to such as seeing Chiaki and Hinata getting close. She begins to threat over her place with Chiaki. After much thought and consoling from Hinata it turns out she has feeling for Chiaki but became conflicted on wanting Chiaki to be happy or have a relationship with someone who wasnt her.


Kuro first appears in a fight with Orthos, who claims they want take back Cerberus back to the underworld to serve her rightful purpose, which is guarding the gates of hell, however Kuro claims she doesn't want to go back leaving Orthos to fight her. At first she didn't want to fight however she was eventually almost cornered by Orthos she activates her wind powers and begins to fight Certhos, however she is later overpowered by the the latter and she then transforms to Shirogane.


Chiaki Mikado

Hinata Komone

Hinata helps Kuro understand her feeling for Chiaki Mikado.


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