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Shirogane is the second Cerberus and physically strongest out of the three Cerberus.


Shirogane is a medium height girl with the appearance of teenager. She has long white hair that reaches her thighs. On top of that, she wears a set of black headphones with green details. On her neck, she has a green collar which has a chain that ends with a white spike. Her face is that of a mature girl. Like the other Cerberus, she has a fluffy gray tail.

When Kuro had separated from Roze and Shirogane the three still attended school. Shirogane wears a skirt, socks, blazer, a loose v-neck sweater and a shirt with a couple of buttons open. She doesn't wear a tie or bow


Being born out of Roze's desire to make up for her inherent weakness, Shirogane was born to be strong. Shirogane usually speaks in a strong tone and has a cold demeanor to those she doesn't know while being more tsundere to those who the other Cerberus befriended. Because of her need to look strong, she greatly dislikes letting others know that she has a girly side, such as liking sweets. Her tail, however, doesn't lie. She also hates bugs.




Shirogane kept Chiaki at arms length and mostly stayed by Roze's side protecting her from harm and boys at school. Because Chiaki always seems to be attracting monsters and danger to himself and friends he requests Shirogane to train him to become faster and stronger. She mostly beat him up but tried to increase his reactions to attacks. As she rigorously trains Chiaki she begins to see improvement but not realising another monster was slowly poisoning her body from insects biting her. In the end this made her weaker and slowly than normal and she was backed in a corner by a monster who pressed the attack. Chiaki creates a distraction and they both defeat the monster and also carries her weakened body back home. It was at this moment Shirogane began to respect and admire Chiaki. She later developed feelings for him


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